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Public Transportation

Buses service the whole island (well, most of it!) and although this is not always the most comfortable way to travel, it is the cheapest! Great for the budget... and the experience.

Bus Station Mytilini:
Tel.: +30-22510-28873

Bus schedule:

North of Lesbos

From Mytilini to Kalloni
This bus will stop only in Kalloni and is last stop
Daily 09.00-11.00-13.15-17.30
Saturday 09.00-11.00-13.15-17.30
Sunday 09.00-11.00-13.15-17.30

From Kalloni to Mytilini
This bus will stop only in Mytilini and is last stop
Daily 07.45-11.30-16.00
Saturday 07.45-11.30-16.00
Sunday 07.45-11.30-16.00

From Mytilini to Molivos
This bus will stop in Kalloni, Petra, (Molivos is last stop)
Daily 09.00-11.00-13.15-15.30-18.45
Saturday 09.00-11.00-13.15-15.30-18.45
Sunday 09.00-12.00-18.45

From Molivos to Mytilini
This bus will stop in Petra, Kalloni (Mytilini is last stop)
Daily 07.00-11.00-13.00-15.30
Saturday 07.00-11.00-13.00-15.30
Sunday 07.00-11.00-15.30

From Skoytaros to Eftalou and from Eftalou to Skoytaros
This local bus line will start at 09.30 and will end at 20.15 from Skoytaros,
Anaxos, Petra, Molivos and Eftalou and back, every day

From Skoytaros to Eftalou, Monday - Sunday
Skoytaros Anaxos Petra Molivos Eftalou
09.30 09.40 09.50 10.00
10.30 10.40 10.50 11.00
11.45 11.55 12.05 12.15 12.25
13.15 13.25 13.35 13.45
16.30 16.40 16.50 17.00
18.00 18.10 18.20 18.30 18.40
19.15 19.25 19.35 19.45
20.15 20.25 20.35

From Eftalou to Skoytaros, Monday - Sunday
Skoytaros Eftalou Molivos Petra Skoytaros
10.00 10.10 10.20 10.30
11.00 11.10 11.20 11.30 11.45
12.30 12.49 12.50 13.15
13.45 13.55 14.05 14.15
15.50 16.00 16.10 16.20
17.15 17.25 17.35 17.45 18.00
18.45 18.55 19.05 19.15
19.45 19.55 20.05 20.15

East of Lesbos

From Mytilini to Gera
This bus will stop only in Gera and is last stop
Daily 09.00-12.00-13.00-14.00-15.00-18.30
Saturday 09.00-13.00-18.30
Sunday 09.00-13.00-18.30

From Gera to Mytilini
This bus will stop only in Mytilini and is last stop
Daily 06.45-07.30-08.15-10.00-15.30
Saturday 07.30-10.00-15.30
Sunday 07.30-10.00-15.30

West of Lesvos

From Mytilini to Eresos
This bus will stop only in Andissa, (Eresos is last stop)
Daily 11.00-13.15
Saturday 11.00-13.15
Sunday 02.00

From Eresos to Mytilini
This bus will stop only in Andissa, (Mytilini is last stop)
Daily 06.15
Saturday 06.15
Sunday 06.15


Taxis in Greece use a taxi-meter and charge a fixed tariff per kilometer. All taxis should have meters working and a card with all fares visible. You can also make an arrangement for long-distance trips with a taxi around the island.
Moving around with a taxi in Lesvos is a very cheap and convenient way, compared to other countries. You should only take care that the taxi driver charges according to the legal fares, which often doesn't happen. In generally the Taxi is not expansive in Greece, on the islands but, the fare is a little higher as from the mainland.
The silver air-conditioned taxis which abound throughout the island will take you the length and breadth. In the main towns they operate on a meter system, but for longer journeys prices are set.

You can find taxis around the central square of Mytilini Town. Also, at airports after flight arrivals, and at ports after vessel arrivals, there are always taxis waiting. You can also call a radio-taxi, with or without an appointment.

Taxi cost from Airport and Port

Prices in euro approximately!

Without guarantee!

Mytilini 6
Thermi 11
St. Rafail 12
Matamados 24
Gera 18
Plomari 27
Agiasos 18
Polihnitos 27
Vatera 33
Kalloni 27
Eressos 47
Sigri 47
Petra 33
Molyvos 35
Teriade (Museum at Vareia) 5

Minimum hire for the city 1.50 €
Extra charge for Christmas and Easter 0.75 €


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